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Tools, platforms, and best practices for influencer and public relations-related marketing efforts on Martech Zone.

  • What does a digital marketer do? A day in the life of infographic

    What Does A Digital Marketer Do?

    Digital marketing is a multifaceted domain that transcends traditional marketing tactics. It demands expertise in various digital channels and the ability to connect with the audience in the digital sphere. A digital marketer’s role is to ensure the brand’s message is disseminated effectively and resonates with its target audience. This necessitates strategic planning, execution, and constant monitoring. In digital marketing,…

  • Social Media Half-Life: The lifespan of social media posts

    The Half-Life of Social Media Posts in 2024: Navigating Lifespan for Strategic Impact

    Social media platforms have emerged as crucial arenas for individuals and businesses to connect, share, and influence. However, the content shared on these platforms is subject to an often-overlooked metric: the half-life of social media posts. This term, rooted initially in physics, has found relevance in digital marketing, describing the time it takes for a post to receive half of…

  • Date Time Systems - Calculations, Display, Time Zones, etc.

    What Time Is It? How Our Systems Display, Calculate, Format, and Synchronize Dates and Times

    That sounds like a simple question, but you’d be surprised at how complex the infrastructure provides you with an accurate time. When your users exist across time zones or even travel across time zones while using your systems, there’s an expectation that everything works seamlessly. But it’s not simple. Example: You have an employee in Phoenix who needs to schedule…

  • Tiger Woods: Amplifying Strengths vs Addressing Weaknesses

    The Strategic Choice: Amplifying Strengths vs. Addressing Weaknesses

    In business, just as in sports, whether to concentrate on enhancing one’s strengths or mitigating weaknesses is a recurrent theme. This debate transcends industries and professions, touching the core of personal development strategies. A quintessential example of this principle in action is the legendary golfer, Tiger Woods. Woods’ career offers invaluable insights into how focusing on strengths while strategically addressing…

  • Meltwater: Data-driven social media influencer strategies

    Meltwater: How To Elevate Your Marketing Campaigns with Data-Driven Influencer Strategies

    The power of influencer marketing is undeniable. As brands strive to connect with their audiences more personally and authentically, the challenge lies in navigating the vast landscape of social media influencers. Social Media Influencer Marketing Strategy A good social media outreach strategy, as outlined in the Meltwater YouTube channel, emphasizes the importance of evolving influencer marketing beyond mere celebrity endorsements…

  • What is a Master Services Agreement

    What Is A Master Services Agreement (MSA)?

    I have written about the steps you should take when launching your agency. Included were two critical contractual documents that I recommended: Master Service Agreement (MSA) – The general contract covering the relationship between our organization and the client’s organization. The MSA can be a standalone contract or incorporated into a larger business agreement between the parties, including actual project deliverables. Rather…

  • How to Write A Marketing Plan

    How To Write Your Marketing Plan for 2024

    In preparing for the new year, companies should consider coordinating and planning various marketing plans to reach their target audience and achieve their business goals effectively. Each type of marketing plan has its unique focus and strategies. Marketing Plan Research To prepare for writing a marketing plan, incorporating the Agile Marketing Journey is essential. This journey consists of five stages:…

  • OpenINSIGHTS - The AI Iceberg

    AI: Why I Walked Away From My Agency After 15 Years

    This week, I left the agency world behind to join a company started by colleagues I highly respect in the Software as a Service industry. I’ll explain why, but first, I’d like to give some background on my career. You can skip this section, but it shines a light that may help you navigate your career. I enlisted as an…

  • Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing Infographic

    Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing: Definitions, Growth, and Intersection

    With my career spanning decades, I’ve enjoyed working in both the traditional and digital marketing industries. My career started at a newspaper, where I caught the Internet bug and began networking and programming. I moved on to database marketing and direct mail and then to MarTech and SaaS platforms. I often share that much of my success was bringing the…

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