Fourth Generation Long-Term Evolution

4G LTE is the acronym for Fourth Generation Long-Term Evolution.

A particular standard of high-speed wireless communication, designed for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, that significantly improved data transfer rates compared to its predecessors. Here’s what each part of the term signifies:

  • 4G: This refers to the fourth generation of mobile telecommunications technology. Each generation (from 1G to 4G, and now 5G) represents significant advancements in wireless technology. 4G networks provide faster speeds and improved functionality compared to 3G.
  • LTE: This stands for Long Term Evolution. It’s a standard for wireless broadband communication and was designed to provide high-speed data for mobile devices and to enhance the capacity and speed of mobile networks. LTE is often referred to as true 4G because it was the first 4G technology that fully met the criteria set by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

4G LTE is currently being replaced by 5G.

  • Abbreviation: 4G LTE

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