Card Linked Offers

CLO is the acronym for Card Linked Offers.

What is Card Linked Offers?

A type of digital marketing and loyalty program that is linked directly to a consumer’s debit or credit card. Here’s how they generally work:

  1. Consumers enroll in the program and link their debit or credit card to the program.
  2. The program then provides personalized offers or discounts based on the consumer’s past purchasing behavior. This could be discounts at their favorite restaurant, cash back on certain purchases, or points towards a loyalty program.
  3. The offer is automatically applied when the consumer uses their linked card at the specified retailer or for the specified product. The consumer does not need to show a coupon or enter a code at checkout.
  4. The consumer typically receives confirmation of the redeemed offer, usually via an email or a notification from a mobile app.
  5. The discount, cash back, or points are applied to the consumer’s account.

This type of program benefits both consumers and businesses. Consumers get personalized offers that save them money, and companies get valuable data on consumer behavior, increased customer loyalty, and potentially increased sales.

  • Abbreviation: CLO
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