Marketing Content Management

MCM is the acronym for Marketing Content Management.

The process of organizing, creating, managing, and delivering all forms of content within a marketing organization. This includes anything from blog posts, white papers, and eBooks, to infographics, social media posts, and video content.

MCM is essential for aligning all content with the organization’s overall marketing strategy and ensuring it’s effectively utilized across different platforms and campaigns. The aim is to ensure consistency in branding and messaging, streamline content creation processes, maximize the use of all created content, and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization’s marketing efforts.

MCM can be broken down into several key processes:

  1. Content Planning: Determining what content will be created, when it will be released, and on what platforms it will be published. This should align with overall marketing goals and audience needs.
  2. Content Creation: The actual content production, often involving a team of writers, designers, and other creative professionals.
  3. Content Management: Organizing content in a way that’s easy to access and use, often through a content management system (CMS). This can include managing versions, approvals, and permissions for content.
  4. Content Distribution: Publishing content on various channels and platforms, including social media, company websites, email newsletters, etc.
  5. Content Performance Analysis: Using analytics to measure content performance regarding engagement, conversion, SEO ranking, and other key metrics. This helps inform future content strategy.

Many organizations use a Marketing Content Management System (MCMS) to manage these processes more efficiently, a software solution that helps automate and streamline these tasks. It also allows for greater collaboration among team members and more accurate content performance tracking.


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