Optical Character Recognition

OCR is the acronym for Optical Character Recognition.

A technology used to convert scanned or handwritten text into machine-readable text.

OCR involves the use of software algorithms and image processing techniques to recognize and extract text from images or documents. This can include text in printed documents, handwritten notes, and even text in images or photographs.

OCR works by analyzing the visual characteristics of each character in an image, such as its shape, size, and color, and comparing it to a database of known characters. The software then uses machine learning algorithms to determine the most likely character based on its visual characteristics.

OCR is used in a wide range of applications, including document scanning, data entry, and text recognition. It is particularly useful for digitizing large volumes of printed documents, such as books or archival materials, and for converting handwritten notes into machine-readable text.

Overall, OCR is an important technology for businesses that are looking to digitize their documents and data, and to improve their efficiency and accuracy in processing and managing large volumes of text-based information.

  • Abbreviation: OCR

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