Responsible Organization

RespOrg is the acronym for Responsible Organization.

A company or entity authorized by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States to manage and administer toll-free telephone numbers. RespOrgs act as intermediaries between the FCC and businesses or organizations that want to obtain or manage toll-free numbers.

Here are some key points about RespOrgs:

  1. Number Administration: RespOrgs have the authority to reserve, assign, and manage toll-free numbers on behalf of their clients. They maintain databases of available toll-free numbers and handle the administrative tasks related to assigning and routing these numbers.
  2. Number Portability: RespOrgs facilitate the porting (transferring) toll-free numbers between different service providers. If a business wants to switch its telecommunications provider but keep its toll-free number, the RespOrg assists in the transfer process.
  3. Subscriber Services: RespOrgs offer additional services related to toll-free numbers, such as call routing, call forwarding, and call management features. They can customize the routing of incoming calls based on various parameters, allowing businesses to handle their toll-free communications efficiently.
  4. Reporting and Compliance: RespOrgs are responsible for complying with FCC reporting requirements related to toll-free number assignments, usage, and other relevant information. They must maintain accurate records and submit reports to the FCC as mandated.
  5. Registration and Fees: Businesses or organizations interested in obtaining a toll-free number typically work with a RespOrg to register and secure the number. RespOrgs may charge fees for their services, which can vary depending on the specific services provided and the volume of numbers required.

RespOrgs play a crucial role in the management and administration of toll-free numbers, ensuring efficient allocation, portability, and routing of these numbers for businesses and organizations across the United States.

  • Abbreviation: RespOrg

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