SSL Acronyms


SSL is the acronym for Secure Sockets Layer.

Cryptographic protocols designed to provide communications security over a computer network. 

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As a content publisher, diversifying your revenue streams is incredibly important. Where we had a few major media outlets a couple decades ago and advertising was lucrative, today we have thousands of media outlets and content producers everywhere. No doubt that you’ve seen advertising-based publishers have to cut staff over the years… and those that are surviving are looking to other areas to produce revenue. These can be sponsorships, writing books, doing speeches, doing paid Remove Image Backgrounds from Headshots, People, and Objects Flawlessly with AI

If you’re not following Joel Comm, do it. Now. Joel is one of my favorite resources for technology. He’s blunt, honest, and incredibly transparent. There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not checking in to what he’s discovered next… and today was a biggy! Joel let everyone know about a new tool online, The tool utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze images with people and then accurately and finitely remove the background.  If

PacketZoom’s Mobile Expresslane CDN Has Partnered with Amazon Cloudfront

PacketZoom, a company improving mobile application performance via in-app mobile networking technology, announced a partnership with Amazon CloudFront to include CloudFront in PacketZoom’s Mobile Expresslane service. The bundled solution offers mobile app developers the first and only mobile platform for all their network performance needs. It is the first all-in-one mobile platform that addresses all performance needs for mobile apps — measurement, last-mile performance, and middle-mile performance. Highlights of the service include: PacketZoom’s Mobile Expresslane

By October 2017, You Need to Have a Transparent SSL Certificate

Keeping ahead of security is always a challenge online. Nimbus Hosting has recently created a useful graphic, illustrating the importance of the new transparent SSL certificate initiative for eCommerce brands, as well as providing a comprehensive checklist to help with effortlessly moving your website to HTTPS. The infographic, Transparent SSL & How to Move Your Website to HTTPS in 2017 features examples of why this new SSL initiative is necessary. Some SSL Horror Stories Include French Spies

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We’ve been setting up quite a few Woocommerce sites for clients… and it hasn’t been easy. The Woocommerce interface is a bit clunky and additional features are mostly available through a plethora of plugins that require paid subscriptions… and more configuring. Lots and lots of configuring. If you’ve never seen Shopify, we shared a video that shows you how to set up your entire ecommerce site in under 25 minutes! Shopify really has worked very