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Agorapulse: Your Simple, Unified Inbox For Social Media Management

Over a decade ago, at Social Media Marketing World, I met with the incredibly kind and brilliant Emeric Ernoult – founder and CEO of Agorapulse. The Social Media management tools market is crowded. Granted. But Agorapulse treats social media as corporations need it to be… a process.

It’s become harder and harder to select the right tool (or tools) for our needs. For anyone (like me) trying to manage multiple accounts that are battered and made noisy with SPAM and sales pitches, Agorapulse breaks through the noise. To make it worse, tool vendors change their offerings and pricing models a lot, usually raising prices or moving from affordable self service to high end enterprise rates.

Agorapulse is a Social Media management tool that I believe gets it right. Here’s why I use it every day and recommend it to every client…

No more Inbox chaos. Each time I log in I get a clear view of each account’s inbox with an indication of the number of items waiting for me to review.

When we moved over to Agorapulse and we got a point where we had an inbox that captured direct messages, it captured the listening, and we were able to pull in the ad comments in the same place, we could use it just like we would use any other inbox in our ticketing system.

Jamie Mendelsohn – Lovepop

A Unified Social Inbox Designed to Save Time

Agorapulse has structured its Unified Social Inbox to help you achieve Inbox Zero quickly and easily. All new messages, comments, and mentions, for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are displayed by default in a to review filter to help you focus on your latest items and they stay there until you review each one or review all with one click of a button. All of your conversations fall in one place where you can organize, manage, assign, and label every conversation with your organization.

  • Influencers – See the sender’s name and profile for every mention. Add convenient labels to categorize your users and internal notes to provide context to your team.
  • Facebook Ad and Instagram Ad comments – Synchronize all your ad comments. Receive stats as soon as you want them in chronological order.
  • Inbox Tools – Inbox filters, saved replies, bulk actions, one-click translations, team assignments—get them all, no matter which plan you choose.

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Agorapulse Unified Social Inbox

Intuitive Social Media Publishing

Agorapulse enables your team to optimize, collaborate, and organize your social media posts to schedule, approve, and publish posts where they can get the best performance on each social network.

  • Team Collaboration – Share notes, track action items, and see who is communicating—in real-time.
  • Shared Calendar – Users can accept, reject, or give feedback on individual posts. You and your clients can also view the entirety of your scheduled, published, to-approve, and rejected content.
  • Social Media Publishing Queues – Create queue categories to schedule posts of related content and campaigns. Make sure you have a great balance of content throughout the week, all at a glance.
Social Media Publishing and Collaborative Calendar

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Social Media Monitoring

Listen in on social media conversations about your brand, competition, and space. Respond quickly to urgent conversions.

  • Filter – Focus on what’s important with YouTube and Twitter search parameters. Drill down on specifics via boolean operators to get exactly what you want.
  • Organize – Label your content strategy by labeling items, such as important posts, competitor activity, and customer feedback for easy retrieval and response.
  • Discover – Stay on top of customer, prospect, and potential new business opportunities — without limits.
Social Media Monitoring with Agorapulse

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Social Media Metrics and Reporting

Detect what content peforms best, where, and when. Track trends and your team performance and get recommendations on your next social content initiative with user behavior data.

  • Focus – Discover the organic reach, paid reach, total reach, clicks, and the number of engaged users for your content.
  • Detect – See how many followers you gain or lose, times your content gets viewed, and interactions with your content.
  • Measure – Easily monitor response times for every team member to ensure all incoming brand conversations are handled fast. Track replies and comments reviewed, hidden, and deleted.
  • Power Reports – Create custom reports based on the metrics and date ranges you choose, across multiple social profiles. You can also compare time periods and set automatic scheduled reports to your email.
Social Media Metrics and Reporting with Agorapulse

This kind of data makes it easy to show the work done by the person managing each account. A big plus for agencies or freelance community managers.

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Social Media Management Platform For Agencies

Get the ultimate all-in-one agency social media management tool—priced for growing teams.

  • Reporting – Easily create and share overviews and deep dives into your clients’ social content, engagement, and growth. Gain tons of customization options.
  • Content Approval – Offer an incredibly streamlined approval process. Use one calendar for as many social profiles as your plan allows. As you add clients, you can add calendars.
  • Roles – Admin, editor, moderator, guest—assign a role to clients and new employees. Each role varies in its access to post, reply, and report.
Content Approval Processes with Agorapulse

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Social Media Management Mobile App

It’s imperative that I have a mobile app to manage my social media accounts on the go, and the Agorapulse mobile app is everything I need! I can manage all of my publishing simply and easily from the app’s Social Inbox!

Agorapulse Social Media Management Mobile App

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Disclosure: I am both an avid user, a fan, and an affiliate of Agorapulse! I’m using my affiliate link in this article.

Douglas Karr

Douglas Karr is the founder of the Martech Zone and a recognized expert on digital transformation. Douglas has helped start several successful MarTech startups, has assisted in the due diligence of over $5 bil in Martech acquisitions and investments, and continues to launch his own platforms and services. He's a co-founder of Highbridge, a digital transformation consulting firm. Douglas is also a published author of a Dummie's guide and a business leadership book.

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  1. Douglass,

    I have tried out the demo and very disappointed with the following:
    1. Not being able to schedule reoccurring posts.
    2. No ability to save draft posts
    3. Pull from previous posts and use again.

    Have you spoken with someone at Agorapulse about their “publishing tool” upgrades? I’m trying to determine if we want to hold out or not. Is there a road map of features that you can see somewhere?

    1. Hi Jp. #1 should never be implemented as it would be a violation of the social property. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn do not allow recurring post updates. #2 is an interesting feature and seems like a great idea. #3 may also be an issue with #1. I’ll send my contact at Agorapulse this thread to comment on.

  2. Hey Jp, great feedback! Thanks for taking the time to respond Doug 🙂
    Actually Jp, you’re totally right, there are some key features missing in our publishing tool. The good news is: we’ve started to work on them 2 months ago and they’re coming along, probably beginning of September:
    – A queue for each account, where you can queue the same content multiple times (if it’s evergreen, of course, if not, what’s the point 😉
    – A user friendly calendar view (our users love that view of their content).
    The, a little later, we’ll add the multi account publishing (publish to all or severakl accounts at once). Then, we’ll add LinkedIn, then Instagram, then maybe G+ (still wondering about that one).
    So, it’s worth waiting another month, espacially since we’ll be realeasing our mobile app during that period (submission to the app store today after a year of development 🙂

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