Danielle Ciappara

Danielle Ciappara is the Digital Media Coordinator at Hawthorne Direct, a leading technology-based advertising agency specializing in analytics and accountable brand campaigns for over 30 years. Hailing from San Francisco, Danielle is a proud Cal and USC grad. She wrote her Masters thesis on internal and external changes in business culture due to the rise of digital and transmedia.
  • Advertising Technology
    Bridging the Traditional vs. Digital Advertising Divide

    Bridging the Traditional-Digital Advertising Divide

    Media consumption habits have changed dramatically over the past five years, and advertising campaigns are evolving to keep pace. Today, ad dollars are being reallocated from offline channels like TV, print, and radio to digital and programmatic ad buying. However, many brands are uncertain of reallocating tried-and-true methods for their media plans to digital. TV is expected to still account…

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