Gellena Lukats

As Director, Paid Social for Acronym, Gellena brings ten years of experience developing and leading effective social media strategies as part of a cohesive media strategy. An expert in optimizing social media spends to deliver measurable ROI and achieve brand goals, Gellena ensures all Client messaging is leveraged through integrated marketing and high-level social strategies and ensures call to action conversion across all social platforms. Gellena is a Facebook/Meta-certified media planner with SnapChat certification and is Twitter-video certified. She is a graduate of Boston University.
  • Advertising TechnologyMETA: Facebook advertising - special ad category tips

    How To Get The Most From META’s Special Ad Category

    With social media platforms constantly adapting to privacy laws and regulations, keeping up with the latest changes and ensuring compliance can be a challenge for advertisers. One such platform, META, has faced its share of legal controversies but still offers some level of advertising through a special ad category. This article will discuss the limitations and benefits of using this…

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