Maker’s Mark Has Social Under A Barrel – More Branch Water, Please!

I recently read the post over at The Church of the Customer, written by Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell (two of the smartest folks in this business), regarding the hoopla over at Maker’s Mark. Maker’s Mark is one brand under the umbrella of the Beam family of products.  Even our friend over at Raidious, Dodge Lile, chimed in with some astute observations. It seems that Maker’s Mark had decided to dilute their product to stretch ongoing inventory,

The First Step in Social Business: Discovery

I recently finished reading (for the second time) the great book, Social Business By Design: Transformative Social Media Strategies for the Connected Company, by Dion Hinchcliffe and Peter Kim. The question I often hear is “Where do we start?” The short answer is that you should start at the beginning, but how we define the beginning is probably the most critical step. How does an organization go about integrating social collaboration and social business concepts

Brands and Content Marketing: Beware the Hype

Michael Brito, the talented Senior Vice President of Social Business Planning at Edelman Digital (and all around good egg), recently wrote about two brands that are aggressively shifting much of their marketing focus into media centers. I find it encouraging that early corporate adopters are evolving their content marketing strategies into a much more holistic, participatory platform. Concurrent with this shift, however, there are other marketing trends that we should follow with a critical eye,

The Future Of Social IS The Future Of Marketing

I recently had the opportunity to attend ExactTarget Connections 2012, and among several panel discussions, I especially enjoyed the one entitled Social 2020: What Will Become Of Us? Moderated by the inimitable Jeff Rohrs, VP Marketing Research & Education at ExactTarget, it included Margaret Francis, VP of Social at ExactTarget, David Berkowitz, VP of Emerging Media at 360i, Stephen Tarleton, Director of Global Channel & SMB Marketing Bazaarvoice, and Sam Decker, CEO and Founder of Mass

Alterian SDL|SM2: Social Media Intelligence

Alterian SDL|SM2 is a social media intelligence solution that provides companies with visibility into their presence in the social landscape and reveals where the relevant conversations are occurring, who is participating, and what customers think about them. Founder Mark Lancaster explains why SDL is key to your company’s online marketing efforts: This tool contains all the run of the mill functionality that most tools in the social media marketing offer, but goes that extra mile

Website Privacy Standards

Marty and I were up at the Social Media Club in Chicago held by the good folks at Edelman. The topic was Transparency in Social Media and the panelists were Tom Chernaik, CEO of, Michael Kiefer, GM at BrandProtect, Rich Sharp, SVP of Digital Health Group Edelman and Roula Amire, Managing Editor of The discussion focused on the threat and risk associated with social media and how companies could plan, protect and respond

Box Makes File Sharing Easy

Ever felt constrained when sending large files of information across prospects, clients or business partners? FTP never really caught on as a popular or user-friendly option, and email attachments have their own limitations and bottlenecks. Having shared directories on internal file servers limited access and made more work for IT teams internal. The rise of cloud computing now offers a convenient solution, and among the various cloud based offerings that allows storing, managing and sharing

Huddle: Online Collaboration and File Sharing

Rolling out or orchestrating a marketing campaign involves content management and collaboration bottlenecks. I bet you are fed up with making endless changes to VPN or firewall configuration to facilitate increased collaboration! Chances are that you are using either an obsolete intranet or SharePoint. Switching over to the seamless experience that the cloud based Huddle workspace provides would actually make collaboration and content management a pleasurable experience rather than the tedious and nerve wrecking affair