Marty Thompson

I'm a social business strategist at Two Bananas Marketing. Blame it on my parents, my heartland upbringing, or my obsession with the past, but folks tell me I am really, really good at relationship building and negotiating, bridging the gap between what customers expect, and what great companies should be (but usually aren't)
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    Maker’s Mark Has Social Under A Barrel – More Branch Water, Please!

    I recently read the post by Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell (two of the smartest folks in this business), regarding the hoopla over at Maker’s Mark. Maker’s Mark is one brand under the umbrella of the Beam family of products.  Even our friend over, Dodge Lile, chimed in with some astute observations. It seems that Maker’s Mark had decided to dilute…

  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingSocial Business By Design

    The First Step in Social Business: Discovery

    I recently finished reading (for the second time) the excellent book, Social Business By Design: Transformative Social Media Strategies for the Connected Company, by Dion Hinchcliffe and Peter Kim. The question I often hear is, Where do we start? The short answer is that you should start at the beginning, but how we define the beginning is probably the most…

  • Content Marketingcontent strategies

    Brands and Content Marketing: Beware the Hype

    Michael Brito, the talented Senior Vice President of Social Business Planning at Edelman Digital (and all around good egg), recently wrote about two brands that are aggressively shifting much of their marketing focus into media centers. I find it encouraging that early corporate adopters are evolving their content marketing strategies into a much more holistic, participatory platform. Concurrent with this…

  • Analytics & Testingwebsite privacy standards

    Website Privacy Standards

    Marty and I were up at the Social Media Club in Chicago held by the good folks at Edelman. The topic was Transparency in Social Media and the panelists were Tom Chernaik, CEO of, Michael Kiefer, GM at BrandProtect, Rich Sharp, SVP of Digital Health Group Edelman and Roula Amire, Managing Editor of The discussion focused on the…

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    huddle iphone app

    Huddle: Online Collaboration and File Sharing

    Rolling out or orchestrating a marketing campaign involves content management and collaboration bottlenecks. I bet you are fed up with making endless changes to VPN or firewall configuration to facilitate increased collaboration! Chances are that you are using either an obsolete intranet or SharePoint. Switching over to the seamless experience that the cloud based Huddle workspace provides would actually make…

  • Content Marketingmarty thompson

    Social Business, the Quiet Revolution

    Social media and social technologies are now an integral component of how companies do business.  It has become completely intertwined and integrated in our marketing efforts. Digital marketers can’t talk about content, SEO, website optimization, PR. Customers, whether they realize it or not, now have a completely new role to play within the corporate setting. They play a fundamentally different role in…

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