Sam Melnick

Sam Melnick is the VP of Marketing at Allocadia, the leader in Marketing Performance Management software, managing over $20B in marketing spend to-date. He is an award-winning and analytically driven marketing professional with experience as a marketing practitioner at Vivox, CMO industry analyst at IDC, and customer success manager at a Lattice Engines. Sam is a frequent speaker at marketing industry events and prolific author of marketing research. He was recognized as a top 50 most influential marketing technology professional, plus one of New England’s top 40 influencers in content and digital marketing. Sam is a graduate of UMass Amherst’s Isenberg School of Management.
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    7 Mistakes You’ll Make in Marketing Performance

    CMO budgets are decreasing, as marketers struggle with fiscal maturity, according to Gartner. With greater scrutiny over their investment than ever before, CMOs have to understand what is working, what is not, and where to spend their next dollar to continue to optimize their impact on the business. Enter Marketing Performance Management (MPM). What is Marketing Performance Management? MPM is…


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