Tyler Foster

Tyler Foster is CTO and co-founder at Evolv AI, where he leads development, research, user experience, and technical operations. He brings 20 years of experience, having worked for Sentient Technologies, Cloudera, Apollo Group, and Intel. Tyler leverages the power of machine learning to change the way brands experiment on digital channels.
  • Artificial IntelligenceBoosting Customer Experience With AI-Driven Hyper-Personalization

    4 Strategies to Boost Your CX Through Hyper-Focused Personalization Techniques

    Today’s shoppers are busy, cost-conscious multitaskers. If your brand can deliver a short, rewarding, and successful shopping experience through personalized interactions, it will win their attention. Consider Stitch Fix’s style profiles created from zero-party (0P) data, for example, or the New York Times’ use of first-party (1P) data to promote relevant stories to readers. Tesla can personalize everything from seat…


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