Tim Lemke

Tim Lemke leads the experience technology discipline at Barefoot, which is comprised of a team of solution architects, marketing technologists, application developers, and business analysts. He and his team are responsible for transforming creative concepts into connected, cross-channel digital experiences. This includes technology solution design, platform implementation, custom code development, marketing automation, content authoring, personalization, and email deployments. He approaches work from an experience-first perspective, meaning he focuses on the user and shapes the technology solution to create an ideal experience for that user rather than letting technology dictate the solution.
  • Sales and Marketing TrainingHow to Choose and Invest in Marketing Technology (MarTech)

    How to Effectively Choose and Manage Your MarTech Investment

    The MarTech world has exploded. In 2011, there were only 150 martech solutions. Now there are over 9,932 solutions available to industry professionals. There are more solutions now than ever before, but companies face two main challenges regarding selection.  Investing in a new MarTech solution is completely off the table for many companies. They have already chosen a solution, and their…

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