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Today we had Shane Vaughan on the radio show discussing local marketing automation. Shane is CMO of Balihoo, a company that provides local marketing automation services. Balihoo is a marketing automation platform that serves enterprise companies who have local level marketing needs, like franchises, retail distribution, or local service companies. Examples are like, Geico, MattressFirm to name a few.

Listen to our Interview with Shane Vaughan

Balihoo is the premier provider of Local Marketing Automation technology and services to national brands with local marketing needs. Balihoo enables enterprise-class marketing at the local level and gives national brands full visibility into all local marketing activities and results.

Shane Vaughan on Local Marketing:

Balihoo explains the needs and benefits of local marketing automation:

  1. Reach prospects closer to the point of purchase – Consumer purchase behavior has changed. The local web is being used more frequently and more media types are incorporated in a typical decision making process. Local automation enables national brands to maintain control longer in the communication and sales process.
  2. Eliminate reliance on local affiliates and partners – Take your national marketing expertise and localize it. Reach multiple local markets with as much effort as executing one campaign and ain insight into local markets via analytics so you can improve national campaign return on investment.
  3. Receive timely, aggregated results of local marketing efforts – Use local analytics to identify in-market trends and improve national campaign efforts.

Search and social are driving local marketing significantly and it’s not enough for these large brands to have a national presence. Consumers and businesses are searching regionally utilizing geographically targeted searches. Even without geographic terms, search engines apply geographic targeting based on the location of the user… or influenced through the user’s social network. In other words, a lot of search behavior is targeted by geographic means and it can’t be ignored.

Balihoo offers local website assistance, affiliate marketing, co-op marketing and advertising, and ad building in a single package that offers the local small business outlet the ability to easily manage their marketing spend and understand where the return on investment is happening.

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