The Top 5 Customer Service Challenges (And How to Correct Them)

Customer Service

There are still many companies that believe customer service and marketing are separate functions within the organization. Unfortunately, the two departments are often at odds with one another in an organization. Customer service now has a public element that can impact – and even destroy – the reputation of a company, derailing the progress that marketers are making.

Despite the digital transformation taking over in the customer service sector, providing a great customer experience remains imperative for business across different industries. Here are the key customer service challenges of today and how you can solve them to provide awesome customer experience.

Companies like Dell, a client, do it very well, providing every employee with training on how to incorporate social media into their activities as well as providing direct customer resources they can refer public requests to. This methodology ensures that customers are handled effectively regardless of who they speak to and where the conversation is happening.

Sparkle Training developed this infographic, the Top 5 Customer Service Challenges of the 2010’s and What to Do About Them.

  1. Personalization of the Customer Journey – many businesses fail to personalize their customer interactions, resulting in high churn rates, lower customer satisfaction levels, and decreased loyalty.
  2. Having a Holistic View of the Customer – if your personnel have immediate access to vital information about prospects and sales, they have a better chance of closing the deal or at least assisting the person and leaving a memorable impression.
  3. Ensuring Operational Efficiency – systematic and effective approaches for each customer interaction are critical. This requires each and every system and process be streamlined and coordinated in real-time.
  4. Leveraging Different Customer Touchpoints – customers now have the option to interact with brands through different channels such as email, text, call, chat, and social media. Be sure you offer them.
  5. Engaging a Disappointed Customer – Customer expectations are higher than ever and it’s critical that your customer service representatives have the capabilities, speed, and autonomy to ensure a disappointed customer is turned into a happy one.

While these five challenges sound simple, they can take years to integrate customer touches in real time through your customer relationship management systems and provide your sales, marketing, and customer service teams with the information they need.

Customer Service Challenges

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