Numerics: An Integrated Widget Dashboard for iOS


Numberics allows iPhone and iPad users to create and customize their own integrated dashboards from a growing collection of third parties.

Pick from hundreds of pre-designed widgets to build an overview of website analytics, social media engagement, project progress, sales funnels, customer support queues, account balances or even numbers from your spreadsheets in the cloud.


Features include:

  • Predesigned widgets of various types including number tallies, line graphs, pie charts, funnel lists,
    and more
  • Create multiple dashboards and swipe between them
  • Widgets are easy to configure, connect, and customize
  • Colorize and label widgets to create a unique view of your data
  • Automatic layout with drag and drop ordering of widgets
  • Zoom in on a widget to focus and interact with a single piece of data
  • Useful gestures and beautiful animations
  • Background updates and Push Notifications on a per-widget basis

You can also display the dashboard via AirPlay to AppleTV or via an HDMI connection.


Current integrations include Basecamp, Pivotal Tracker, Salesforce, Twitter, AppFigures, Paypal, Hockey App, Google Spreadsheets, Github, Foursquare, FreeAgent, Envato, Facebook, Google Analytics, Chargify, Stripe, Flurry, Pipeline Deals, Zendesk, Youtube, Yahoo Stocks, JSON, and WordPress.

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