How to Deploy WordPress on Pantheon


Your company website is one of your most valuable business assets. Load time, availability, and performance can directly affect your bottom line. If your site is already running on WordPress—congrats!—you’re well on your way to delivering a seamless experience for your users and your team.

While choosing the right CMS is an important first step in building an awesome digital experience. Choosing with the right host for that CMS can boost performance, improve uptime, reduce development time, and provide vital support.

The Value of WordPress on Pantheon

Pantheon is a managed WordPress hosting platform that provides the speed and performance you need to turn users into leads. Unlike the majority of WordPress hosting providers that use servers or virtual machines, Pantheon runs on container-based infrastructure. Containers have a number of benefits, including fast provisioning, high availability, smooth scaling, and better performance.

In addition to cutting edge infrastructure, Pantheon sites have PHP 7 by default, free managed HTTPS, full page caching, and a Global CDN—essentially peak performance out-of-the-box. Not to mention our best-practice workflow that developers love.

This combination of a rock-solid platform and tailored tools for site creators sets Pantheon apart from the competition. The platform is tuned to run WordPress sites at an exceptional level.

Getting Started With WordPress on Pantheon

Pantheon’s pricing model allows you to create sandbox sites for free—you only pick a plan and start paying when you add your custom domain and go live. Creating a new WordPress site is easy, simply choose WordPress when creating a new site.

Pantheon - Choose Your CMSAlternatively you can choose to migrate an existing WordPress site to Pantheon. The migration tool walks you through the process of installing a plugin on your existing site, then the transfer to a sandbox site on Pantheon happens automatically.

Pantheon WordPress MigrationEither way you can quickly and easily try out the platform, either with a fresh WordPress site or one of your existing sites, for free. The Pantheon quickstart guide has detailed steps if you want to take a site all the way live.

Working on Pantheon

After you have a WordPress site on Pantheon you have two options for working. The first, and simplest, method is to edit your WordPress site directly on Pantheon. Change themes, add new plugins or edit files with SFTP and git. No matter how you work all changes are tracked in version control. With file and database backups taking care of your content as well there’s nothing to worry about.

Working on PantheonThe other method for working with WordPress on Pantheon is more complex but also very flexible and powerful, adapting to the way you prefer to work. Meant to help developers streamline their workflow and integrate with other services.

Pantheon Workflow SettingsPower tools such as Terminus to manage Pantheon on the command line or Quicksilver to implement platform hooks are available. We also have advanced examples, such as the Terminus build tools plugin and Advanced WordPress on Pantheon, integrating external Git repositories, continuous integration, Composer, and automated testing with Pantheon for teams requiring complex workflows and automation.

Go Forth and Make Awesome!

Pantheon provides a great hosting platform as well as tools to help manage your WordPress site and keep it performing at it’s best. It’s free to try so go ahead and judge for yourself.

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