Lefty: Create, Choose, Activate, and Measure Instagram Influencers

Lefty Instagram Influencer Campaigns

Lefty is an Instagram influencer marketing platform that helps brands connect with the most relevant influencers. Led by a former Google search engineer, Lefty’s development team has worked for 2 years to come up with the most exhaustive platform on Instagram influencers.

Lefty has opened their software to the public and brands like Shiseido or Uber are already using it. Here is a short video presenting their solution.

Lefty builds influencer profiles based on geography, interests, tags, age and language spoken – among 20 other parameters. Their AI powered platform turns your creative brief and brand objectives into smart suggestions of relevant influencer profiles. And, most importantly, your campaigns can be accurately measured.

Influencer Campaign Results

Aside from testing the platform, be sure to download Lefty’s fantastic white paper on developing an Influencer Campaign. The white paper details the four essential steps and provides all the details and advice to make your influencer campaign successful, including:

  1. Create – how to create an impactful concept.
  2. Choose – how to find relevant influencers.
  3. Activate – how to create a legal partnership with your influencer.
  4. Measure – how to implement the significant key performance indicators to measure your campaign.

You can download the White Paper here:

Lefty’s White Paper on Influencer Marketing Campaigns

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