MOLOCO Cloud: Data-Driven, AI-Powered Mobile Ad Solutions for Mobile Apps

MOLOCO Cloud - Programmatic Mobile App Ad Solutions

MOLOCO Cloud is an automated buying platform for ad inventory across the world’s leading programmatic exchanges and in-app ad networks. Now available as a cloud-based platform for all app marketers, MOLOCO Cloud is powered by proprietary machine learning technology that empowers mobile marketers to leverage first-party data and contextual signals from across the programmatic ecosystem to automatically optimize ad campaigns based on a variety of performance metrics.

MOLOCO Cloud Features Include

  • Exchanges – reach mobile ad exchanges including MoPub (a Twitter company), Fyber, Vungle, AdColony, Chartboost, Tapjoy, LINE, and more.
  • Bid Optimizer – a brand new tool that automatically adjusts bid amounts for first-price auctions in real-time so that advertisers can achieve their goals while making sure they do not overpay. 
  • Programmatic Bids – automatically adjusts to maximize clicks, conversions, installs, in-app events, return on ad spend, or other goals set by the advertiser.
  • Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) Targeting – allowing marketers to target iOS and Android devices that have enabled LAT, despite the fact that no ad tracking data is passed. The feature works by targeting users based on contextual signals coming from the current app session, device status, enriched app-level data, and other parameters, which are available through partnerships with SDK-based supply sources such as Fyber. LAT Tracking enables marketers to maintain performance even after Apple makes its unique identifier for advertisers (IDFA) opt-in instead of opt-out for users.

MOLOCO Cloud enables mobile marketers to pinpoint the audiences most likely to drive returns for their business across the world’s leading in-app ad networks, and marketplaces:

  • Amplify your message across 2.5 million mobile apps
  • Reach over 4 billion global devices and grow a quality userbase
  • Acquire users, retarget, re-engage, recommend, and maximize lifetime value.
  • Hit challenging return on ad spend (ROAS) targets by unleashing the power of your data

App marketers gain complete control over their programmatic advertising operations with full transparency into their campaign data and performance, including impression-level log data that is not shared by other demand-side platforms. 

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