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mParticle: Collect and Connect Customer Data Through Secure APIs and SDKs

A recent client that we worked with had a difficult architecture that patched together a dozen or so platforms and even more entry points. The result was a ton of duplication, data quality issues, and difficulty in managing further implementations. While they wanted us to add on more, we recommended that they identify and implement a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to better manage all data entry points into their systems, improve their data accuracy, comply with different regulatory standards, and to make integrating further platforms much easier.

mParticle Customer Data Platform

mParticle has robust, secure APIs and over 300+ productized software developer kits (SDKs) so that you can easily manage your customer data centrally, deploy integrations faster, and ensure that your data is clean, fresh, and in compliance. Their platform offers:

mParticle Customer Data Platform
  • Data Connections – Collect data with secure APIs and SDKs and connect it to all of your team’s tools and systems. Access customer data where you need it without the hassle of third-party code management. Integrations to advertising systems, analytics platforms, customer service platforms, financial systems marketing systems, consent management platforms, and security platforms are available through over 300+ SDKs. You can load data into big data warehouse solutions including Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Apache Kafka, or Google BigQuery in real-time. Or, of course, you can integrate your platforms through their robust API.
mParticle Data Master
  • Data Quality – Improve your customer data quality and put good data to work by organizing, managing, and validating customer data before it’s shared with downstream systems.
  • Data Governance – Manage compliance with data privacy regulations and support the governance needs of your organization. Safeguard your customers’ privacy with data localization, CCPA compliance, GDPR subject requests, GDPR consent management, PII data protection, and manage compliance and consent with OneTrust.
  • Data-Driven Personalization – Create personalized experiences using historical and real-time customer data. Create audiences, calculated attributes, omnichannel user profiles, and use LiveRamp to deliver personalized customer experiences.

Connect with an mParticle expert to discuss how to integrate and orchestrate customer data the right way for your business.

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Douglas Karr

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