How Product Packaging Influences the Customer Experience


The day that I bought my first MacBook Pro was a special one. I remember feeling how well the box was built, how the laptop was beautifully displayed, the location of the accessories… it all made for a very special experience. I continue to think that Apple has some of the best product packaging designers on the market.

Every time I unbox any of their devices, it’s an experience. In fact, so much so that I often feel bad when I store the boxes or throw them away. Contrast that with those damn vacuum seal packs that require a first aid kit and titanium scissors… I’m upset before I ever even get the product out of the packaging!

The first impression of any product on a consumer is the packaging, they’re likely to base their expectation of the product on the appearance of the packaging, so getting it right is a must! We’d love to be able to say that consumers make their purchases based on the quality of a product, but we’d be lying, packaging design is seen to play a huge role in their decision. Direct Packaging Solutions, The Science Behind Superb Packaging

Psychologically, packaging can totally change the entire customer experience of a device. In this inforgraphic, Direct Packaging Solutions explains:

  • Emotions – Emotions play an important role in the whole product experience, which begin right after consumers get the product in hand.
  • Impression – Studies show that the details of the packaging help a person to determine what the product will be like. And at first sight of the product, the brain determines whether it’s pleasant or unpleasant.

We’re working with a company right now that’s bringing a luxury accessory to the market. We’re working on boxing, the internal materials, an unexpected gift, and a hand-written thank-you from the inventor. Our goal is to make the consumer feel special before they ever even pick up and use the actual product. We’re even working on how we might add a scent internal to the box to really bring home the experience.

The Science Behind Superb Packaging

The Science Behind Superb Packaging min

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