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Are consumers getting what they want from email communications? Are marketers missing opportunities to make email campaigns relevant, meaningful and engaging? Are mobile phones the kiss of death for email marketers?

According to recent research sponsored by Liveclicker and conducted by The Relevancy Group, consumers are expressing their dissatisfaction with marketing-related emails presented on mobile devices. A survey of more than 1,000 reveals that marketers might be missing out on fully engaging consumers using mobile email.

Forty-four percent of consumers who were surveyed stated they don’t like receiving email marketing messages on their phones because they receive too many emails, too often. Thirty-seven percent said the messages were irrelevant, and 32 percent said the messages are too small to interact with on mobile.

With almost half (42 percent) of consumers using their phones to triage their inbox to decide what to read or not read later and nearly one-third using them as their primary device, it looks like marketers might have a big problem.

It is clear from our research that consumers expect more from marketers and that solving mobile email rendering issues alone is not enough to gain competitive advantage. Adopting a strategy that includes real-time targeting tactics such as countdown timers or live social feeds, to some more advanced techniques, such as context personalization and live web content, can create a powerful experience and drive engagement no matter what device the consumer uses for email, but particularly for multi-tasking consumers on the go. David Daniels, The Relevancy Group

But it looks like marketers aren’t jumping on the bandwagon to implement these types of tools. In the second part of the survey, which queried 250 enterprise and mid-marketers, The Relevancy Group found most marketers weren’t using targeting tactics that make the email messages relevant to a recipient’s context – no matter what device they use for email, but paramount for multi-tasking consumers on the go.

Only 16-37 percent of marketers reported that they were personalizing content based on location, time zone, weather, device type, inventory levels or loyalty reward balances. The reason for this seems to be that they’re plagued by poor data access and program coordination challenges.

Given the volume of email marketing and the overload of messages consumers are fielding, marketers need to fight for access to data that can be paired with context in a real-time manner to realize increased revenue and efficiency gains. Mobile users are sensitive to message frequency, so utilizing techniques that allow marketers to stay current without increasing frequency is important.

But marketers shouldn’t fear, as there are some easy ways to start implementing real-time targeting tactics to make email campaigns engaging and progress incrementally to more sophisticated implementations later.

For example, using real-time technology, marketers can dynamically render device-specific app download buttons in email based on the device being used as the message is being read. Similarly, marketers can tailor their creative to display or not display content based on mobile device in use.

Below are different levels of sophistication and examples of real-time tactics marketers can undertake:

  • Novice – Countdown timers, live social feeds
  • Intermediate – Context personalization, real-time A/B testing and embedded video
  • Advanced – Live web content, personalized deadlines
  • Expert: Real-time personalization using disparate data sources

On the lowest rung of the ladder, tactics such as social feeds and countdown timers can be highly impactful in the correct context, showing a 15 to nearly 70 percent increase in click-through rates when compared against emails that don’t include such elements.

This report is a call-to-action for marketers to respond effectively to consumers’ demands or risk becoming obsolete. Implementing real-time solutions based on your unique business situation and resources can transform email marketing campaigns and quickly impact the bottom line. To learn more, read the White Paper: Exploring the Benefits Real-Time Email – Driving Marketing Effectiveness.

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