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7 Reasons to Cleanse Your Email List and How to Purge Subscribers

We’re focusing a lot on email marketing recently because we’re really seeing a lot of problems in this industry. If an executive continues to pester you on your email list growth, you really need to point them to this article. The fact is, the larger and older your email list, the more damage it may be having to your email marketing effectiveness. You should, instead, be focused on how many active subscribers you have on your list – those clicking or converting.

Reasons to Clean Your Email List

  • Reputation – ISPs block or place your email in the junk folder based on poor IP sending reputation. If you’re always sending to bad email addresses, it’s going to impact your reputation.
  • Blacklisting – If your reputation is poor enough, all of your email could be blocked.
  • Revenue – If more of your emails are making it to the inbox with active subscribers, that will generate more revenue.
  • Cost – If half of all of your email is going to dead email addresses, you’re paying twice what you should be with your email vendor. Cleansing your lists will reduce your ESP cost.
  • Targeting – By identifying your inactive subscribers, you can send re-engagement offers directly to them, target them on social media, and see if you can get them re-engaged.
  • Relationships – By having a clean list, you know that you’re engaged with subscribers that care so you can better focus your messaging.
  • Reporting – By not worrying about the list size and focusing on engagement, you can get far more accurate data on how well your nurturing and email programs are operating.

We recommend our partners at Neverbounce for your email verification service! Their proprietary algorithms and third-party verification have made a huge difference in our clients’ deliverability. Neverbounce offers an offer a 97% accuracy guarantee. (Should more than 3% of your valid emails bounce after using our service, they will refund the difference.)

Neverbounce Features Include:

  1. 12-Step Verification Process – Using MX, DNS, SMTP, SOCIAL, and additional technologies in determining the validity of addresses, our proprietary 12-step verification process checks each email up to 75 times from different  – locations around the globe.
  2. Free Analysis Tool – Test your data at no cost. We’ll report back whether it’s safe to send or needs to be cleaned with an estimated bounce rate. As a customer of NeverBounce, you have unlimited use of this feature. Additionally, you can build their free analysis right into your own system via our API at no cost.
  3. Free List Scrubbing – NeverBounce offers free de-duplication and bad syntax removal prior to providing a total cost for your job. We never charge for scrubbing.
  4. They Never Use Historical Data – Emails change constantly, and while most verification companies save costs by providing historical results, we verify your emails each and every time, ensuring the latest and most accurate response. With the fastest turnaround time in the business, you won’t have to wait long to clean and verify your list.

Analyze Your Email List for Free Now!

This infographic from Email Monks also provides a list of steps to take to purge subscribers and clean your email list properly.

Email List Cleansing

Douglas Karr

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