A Secret to Building Authority and Promoting your Blog

linkedin answersI’ve written before about how helpful Google Alerts are as a strategy for reputation management. Here’s a great tip for you to drive authority for yourself, your product or your service and to help promote your site or blog utilizing LinkedIn Answers and Google Alerts.

For the terms that you’d like to build authority on within LinkedIn, make a Google Alert! Select “Web” as the type and “as-it-happens” for how often. Example: If I wish to build myself up as a Social Networking expert, I can set up a Google Alert as follows:

Google Querystring for LinkedIn Answer Alerts

site:http://www.linkedin.com/answers/ “social network” “social networking”

This will send me an email each time someone asks a question on LinkedIn Answers, allowing me the opportunity to respond and build authority in LinkedIn as well as provide an opportunity to put links back to the sites I wish to promote. LinkedIn Answers can be a great way to promote your blog since folks can look up previous questions and responses. It’s a growing knowledge-base that’s very popular.


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    Great idea. I had just recently read Guy’s post about the benefits of using LinkedIn: http://blog.guykawasaki.com/2007/01/ten_ways_to_use.html

    But I hadn’t figured out how to make effective use of Answers. I can’t believe how crippled the service is, not offering any feeds around topics/networks. So I tried to set up a retro-feed (static page feed generator) without success (cookie issues). I was ready to boycott the Answers system altogether for being so behind the times, but LinkedIn does appear to have the critical user mass making it a compelling forum.

    Now with this solution, I may start to become a regular contributor. Thanks!

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