Survey: How Does Your Content Productivity Compare?

content production process

Rundown is launching an ongoing market research survey on content production methodologies. While there is a lot of publicly available research regarding content marketing as a whole, there is very little specific information for content professionals to use to baseline their actual production methodology, processes, staffing resources, roles, and responsibilities, and technology. Rundown will be releasing critical updates to this important data throughout the year.

Rundown has created a short survey for content professionals in agency, publisher, and brand content teams to help shed some light on how content gets made. Long term, we will also be using global data from our customers at Rundown to provide even more insight into how organizations get from concept to content, how much time it takes to produce content, types of content being produced, and many other related data points.

Why you should participate: Grow your audience, grow your revenue.

The completed reports and the accompanying infographics will be helpful, useful, and compelling information for every content producer. Every survey participant will get a free copy of the full report, including insights and findings on resources, roles, responsibilities, technology, tools, performance, workflow and more for professional content teams and creators.

Rundown Content Production Survey

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