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  • Marketing ToolsMicrosoft Outlook and Microsoft Copilot AI and GenAI

    Outlook: Will Copilot Help Microsoft Outlook Regain The Corporate Desktop?

    For years, Microsoft Outlook was a thorn in the side of email designers, rendering their emails using Word rather than a browser-based renderer. It caused countless user experience (UX) issues that required a lot of workarounds and hacks to look good. Thankfully, Microsoft bailed on Word and turned to browser-based rendering with their latest releases, bringing consistency across Windows and…

  • Content MarketingWordPress: Dynamic Modal with Ajax and Custom Post Type

    WordPress: Build a Modal To Dynamically Populate From A Custom Post Type Using Ajax

    One of the major projects that I’ve worked on in the last year is building out an acronym library using a custom post type (CPT) on Martech Zone. I’ve defined over 1,000 marketing, sales, and technology-related acronyms on the site! It’s been quite popular and drives much engagement with readers and search engine referrals. While I’m happy with the engagement,…

  • Content Marketing
    What is a Wiki?

    What is a Wiki?

    A wiki is a collaborative platform or website that allows users to create, edit, and organize content collectively. The term wiki comes from the Hawaiian word wiki-wiki, which means fast or quick. This name was chosen to emphasize the ease and speed with which information can be shared and updated on these platforms. The concept was coined by Ward Cunningham…

  • Content MarketingWeb Design Process

    Blueprint to Success: Crafting the Ultimate Web Design Process

    Designing a website is a complex process that involves several stages, each critical to ensuring the final product meets the desired objectives. A comprehensive web design process typically encompasses the following phases: Strategy, Planning, Design, Development, Launch, and Maintenance. Below is a detailed look at each stage, along with additional vital insights that might not be immediately apparent. Step 1:…

  • Marketing ToolszipBoard Online Proofing Collaboration Workflow Approval Platform for web, video, content, documents, code review, etc.

    zipBoard: Streamlining Proofing and Collaboration Workflows for Any Digital Asset

    Online proofing has become an essential process in the digital age, ensuring accuracy and effectiveness in various content creation, document collaboration, and marketing collateral. This systematic approach involves several prioritized steps, each crucial in maintaining the integrity and appeal of digital content. Brands utilize proofing processes and workflows to collaborate, verify, and approve: Accuracy and Quality: The primary goal of…

  • Content MarketingHow I Reached 1 Million Page Views

    How I Reached 1 Million Page Views (Without Spending More Money)

    Martech Zone is a project of passion for me that’s been publishing articles on how to research, learn, and discover sales and marketing technology for over 18 years! A decade ago, we dominated search and honestly didn’t have a lot of competition. Now, we have thousands of sites across the web where both companies and publishers are working to assist…

  • Content MarketingGravityKit for Gravity Forms to display tables, maps, PDFs, charts, or HTML in WordPress

    GravityKit: Display and Visualize Gravity Forms Data in WordPress (Tables, Maps, PDFs, Charts, or HTML)

    Gravity Forms is a user-friendly, robust WordPress plugin that allows businesses to create custom forms to collect and process data on their websites. It’s highly versatile, catering to various needs such as contact forms, surveys, and user submissions. We designed an online assessment for a client utilizing Gravity Forms to collect the data. However, we were surprised when we couldn’t…

  • Marketing ToolsEmbed KML or GeoJSON with Google Maps JavaScript API

    Update Google Maps With GeoJSON or KML Files Using the JavaScript API

    KML (Keyhole Markup Language) and GeoJSON (Geographic JSON) are two file formats used for storing geographic data in a structured manner. Each format is suitable for different types of applications and can be used in various mapping services, including Google Maps. Let’s delve into the details of each format and provide examples: KML File KML is an XML-based format for…

  • Marketing ToolsGoogle Sheets: integrate api, app script, real-time data, import functions

    Google Sheets: Collaborative Sales and Marketing Spreadsheets With Integrated Real-Time Data

    We’re still using spreadsheets! This is something I often hear from companies who are embarrassed by their company’s lack of technological sophistication. If sales and marketing truly leveraged the full power of Google Sheets, though, they’d likely be quite proud of their sophistication. Google Sheets is a highly versatile tool for sales and marketing departments, offering various ways to enhance…

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