Negative SEO Works!

Over a year ago, I wrote about the SEA industry… Search Engine Assassination. It didn’t really have a term associated with it until the most recent algorithm updates. It’s now known as Negative SEO… and Google may be in big trouble because it actually works. The folks at Tasty Placement ran a test where they purchased a bunch of poor links… and subsequently drove down the targeted site’s ranking. Here are the details in this

Oh Uh… Google Just Launches the SEA Industry

Search Engine Assassination. Have you heard about it? You will. This week, the SEO world was turned upside down when Google decided to drop JC Penney off the index because of spammy, keyword-rich backlinks found on sites other than its own to push up ranking. While the entire industry is acting shocked, most of us within the industry know that this was pretty common practice. The fact is that this gaping flaw in Google’s Page