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Valentine’s Day Commerce Statistics

Valentine's Day

Time is running out for Valentine’s Day… but thankfully not for e-commerce providers.Valentine’s Day purchases go down to the wire, with nearly two-thirds of Valentine’s Day shoppers waiting until the last week to make their purchase  Tweet This!.

And purchase they will! 53.9% of Americans are going to celebrate this year and on average, they’ll spend $136.57 on a whole host of gifts and evenings out  Tweet This! according to the National Retail Federation.

Valentine’s Day shoppers are responsive to offers according to the NRF Research:

  • 48.6% of consumers would spend $10 more when there was a really good sale or promotion  Tweet This!
  • 36.4% of consumers would spend $10 more when they couldn’t find the gift they originally planned to purchase  Tweet This!
  • 32.4% of consumers would spend $10 more when they were offered a free gift with the purchase  Tweet This!

The big loser this Valentine’s Day (besides me, hah!) are greeting card companies. Only 47% of consumers are planning to give a Valentine’s Day card compared to 63% a decade ago.

Millennials and Valentine’s Day

According to NRF research, a higher percentage of younger (18-24) and older (25-34) Millennials plan to buy a Valentine’s Day gift… but not necessarily the purchase of a thing. Experiential gifts are at the top of the list for young people – so packaging up a romantic weekend trip or a spa day may get more of a sales response.

Valentines Day Commerce Statistics

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