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Valentine’s Day Retail and eCommerce Buyer Behavior Statistics

Last week we shared information on purchase behavior on Valentine’s Day. Now we’re going to share an infographic from Ve Interactive with some statistics to help you hone in your retail and travel ecommerce strategies. Peak sales for Valentine’s Day are coming up quick – February 7th and 11th so you need to move fast.

This infographic provides a baseline of last year’s Valentine’s Day site abandonment stats, as well as success rates for re-engaging lost customers through email campaigns. Ve Interactive’s infographic features abandonment and re-engagement insights based on data from 600 retail and travel businesses collected between February 1st through the 14th in 2015 across their platform.

Ve Interactive’s digital advertising and marketing platform helps online businesses drive new traffic, reduce bounce rate, increase customer engagement and minimize website abandonment. The company supports over 10,000 domestic and multi-national online businesses and retailers in the delivery of real-time marketing communications at key points within their customers’ journeys.

Valentines Infographic

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