Last Minute Valentine’s Day Facebook Contests

valentines day marketing ideas

Love stinks (says the old, fat, single guy)… so you may as well put a great holiday like this to use by ramping up your Facebook Contests. Valentine’s Day is almost upon us… the ultimate commercial holiday that everyone most spend money on, heh. If you’ve been meaning to host a Facebook contest for your fans but haven’t gotten around to planning one yet, this infographic from the folks at ShortStack has you covered.

Many of them can be hosted right on your brand’s Timeline. If you want to quickly collect data from the contest, use a comment/like importer tool, or host the contest on an app. Either way, offer up a prize your fan base will appreciate and they will LOVE you. If you incentivize sharing, increasing their chances of winning, they’ll love you even more.

ShortStack is an affordable Facebook App and Contest platform for designers, small businesses and agencies.


Disclosure: We have an affiliate link for Shortstack.

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