Discovering the Blue Yeti

yeti microphone

The Martech Zone Radio show has been driving a lot of listeners (over 1,500!) and is becoming more popular each week. With popularity also comes criticism… and Dave Woodson, seasoned podcaster, gave us a (well-deserved) hard time about our podcast quality. We were using a Blue Snowflake USB Microphone in our office – which is not complimentary to acoustics at all.

The result was the microphone picked up any taps on the table, the whine of our refrigerator, and a tin-canny quality. In a quiet room with absorbent materials, that microphone does great. Especially since it’s portable and can slide right into your bag. After a year of travel, my screen popped off and required some adhesive to attach it back. Time for a new microphone!

Dave recommended Blue’s Yeti USB Microphone so we put it on order immediately since it was affordable… just over $100. It arrived before our latest radio show discussing Facebook’s new email feature with some industry professionals.

Wow, quite a monster! The microphone worked fantastic and the quality of the show has improved quite a bit. I still believe we’ve got some challenges with the metal desks and echo chamber we’re holding the show in… but we’ll continue to improve it over time. Thanks very much to Dave for the recommendation.

The microphone has 4 modes of operation depending on your audience. It has multiple settings, depending on the location of the sound you are trying to pick up – stereo, cardiod, omnidirectional, and bidirectional. Here’s an explanation of the Yeti settings and applications from Blue’s site:
Yeti Settings

We’ll continue working on the office to improve the acoustics, but I don’t have any doubt that we found the right podcasting microphone. This is a great piece of hardware at an awesome price!

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