Do Not Call

DNC is the acronym for Do Not Call.

A list of phone numbers belonging to individuals or businesses who prefer not to receive unsolicited telemarketing calls or communications. Regulatory authorities or industry organizations often maintain these lists to protect individuals’ privacy and prevent unwanted marketing calls.

Telemarketers and businesses must scrub their calling lists against the DNC registry and refrain from contacting the numbers listed. Failure to comply with DNC regulations can result in penalties and fines for businesses that violate these rules.

DNC compliance is especially important in countries with strict data protection and privacy laws, such as the United States with its Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Do Not Call Registry, or European countries with regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Businesses must ensure that they respect individuals’ preferences and adhere to DNC regulations to maintain a positive reputation and avoid legal repercussions.

  • Abbreviation: DNC

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