Secure Interactive Media Interface Definition

SIMID is the acronym for Secure Interactive Media Interface Definition.

A set of guidelines developed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) to replace the existing Video Player-Ad Interface Definition (VPAID). Introduced to better address issues of security, verification, and viewability that were prevalent in VPAID, SIMID aims to provide more interactive capabilities for video and audio advertisements in a secure and standardized manner.

SIMID’s goal is to provide an interface that allows advertisers to create interactive media ads that can be served across multiple platforms with ease, thereby enhancing user engagement. The SIMID specifications were designed to be used with VAST, creating a more unified and secure system for interactive video advertising.

Key benefits of SIMID include improved security, as the new guidelines were designed with a focus on isolating the ad from the video content; increased compatibility, as SIMID aims to be more compatible with various devices and platforms than VPAID; and better viewability and verification measurements, helping advertisers more accurately gauge the success of their campaigns.

  • Abbreviation: SIMID

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