Visual Effects

VFX is the acronym for Visual Effects.

The process of creating or enhancing imagery in a film or video that does not exist in the real world. VFX can create anything from realistic-looking creatures and environments to fantastical explosions and special effects.

Some of the most popular video effects include:

  • Computer-generated imagery (CGI) uses computers to create images that would be impossible or impractical in the real world. CGI is used in various films and television shows, from the realistic dinosaurs in Jurassic Park to the fantastical creatures in Avatar.
  • Motion capture is a technique used to capture the movements of real actors and apply them to digital characters. Motion capture is often used in animation and video games to create realistic movement.
  • Compositing is the process of combining multiple images or videos into a single image. Compositing creates various effects, such as adding visual effects to a live-action scene or creating a seamless transition between two shots.
  • Matte painting creates a realistic background image combined with a live-action scene. Matte paintings often create backgrounds that are impossible to shoot in the real world, such as alien planets or fantasy landscapes.
  • Modeling and animation is the process of creating three-dimensional objects and characters that can be animated. Modeling and animation create various effects, from realistic-looking explosions to fantastical creatures.

These are just a few of the many types of video effects used in film and television. VFX can be used to create various effects, from realistic-looking to fantastical. The use of VFX has become increasingly common in recent years as the technology has become more sophisticated and affordable.

  • Abbreviation: VFX

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