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Software developers figured out a long time ago that systems for managing versions made their jobs easier and more productive. Perforce is one of those companies that offered advanced versioning control to developers. Over time, though, they noticed that corporations have the same issues with internal documents – from sales sheets, to graphics, to whitepapers… teams collaborate on documents but often don't have the latest versions to work from. As a result, collisions occur, frustration ensues and productivity is lost or halted altogether. They've put together this infographic pinpointing the pain.

Drop your files into Perforce Commons and it will store them securely, back them up automatically and version them accurately. There’s no more searching for the right version of a file or wasting your time on an out-of-date document. That’s because Commons combines ease of use with powerful enterprise version management. Its intuitive and responsive design helps to streamline the work of business teams and steers them clear of content chaos. And Commons handles any type of file a business team wants to collaborate on—from the biggest video file to the smallest Word document.

Perforce Version Control

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