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Amazon Tech Can Help Your Wellness Brand Grow

In a saturated, competitive marketplace like Amazon, it is imperative that wellness brands stand out in order to succeed. Whether they are a start-up, in their growth stage, or reaching maturity, all brands are looking for ways to grow their customer base on Amazon no matter what stage they are at in their business journey. It is a highly competitive space with a growing number of competitors entering the market each day. Utilizing Amazon technology can save time and exponentially grow a business.

As such, building and growing your customer base on Amazon has become increasingly important to wellness brands who understand Amazon can increase their visibility and help gain customers. Wellness companies can use a variety of technology-focused strategies to build and grow their customer base on Amazon.

Build Your Amazon Technology Strategy With A Solid Foundation.

Put yourself in the shoes of the health-conscious, wellness-focused shopper. Some shoppers turn to Google while others turn to Amazon to search and research. Those that turn to Amazon might do so for the perks and access to 1000s of brands. As great as it sounds, most shoppers aren’t interested in looking through product after product, page after page, endlessly searching. So, make it easy for them to find you.

  • Get discovered using Amazon Advertising – Using Amazon ads is key to wellness brands reaching their target audience. The biggest challenge new wellness brands have is being discovered on Amazon. By utilizing the ads that Amazon offers, wellness brands can drive brand awareness and reach shoppers. But, don’t forget, you need an optimized listing to be the most effective. Work on keywords, look at competitors and use high-quality images, and engaging copy. But that’s only a start.
  • Leverage the power of your customer with ratings and reviews – The value of good ratings and reviews cannot be overstated. For new wellness brands who are trying to succeed, a handful of bad reviews can be debilitating. So, it starts with the basics – have a good product, deliver it on time at a good price, and repeat. Next, you need to ask for feedback. Using Amazon review technology, a wellness brand can increase discoverability and build your brand reputation immensely. Building awareness can be improved for new brands or brands looking to improve sales of a slow-moving product by using a review funnel. Qualified Amazon reviewers are invited to post reviews about your product. You provide free products for them to review – and your brand gains those valuable reviews. Pay attention to what your customers are saying in these reviews. Getting positive reviews is the goal so ask yourself the key questions: Are you delivering? What’s going well, and what’s not? Are you seeing a pattern? Take a look and consistently monitor your customer’s sentiment with Amazon’s review tool. 
  • Own your brand with Brand Registry – We are seeing wellness brands on the rise on Amazon. A simple search on Amazon will show you what I mean. One way to build a brand presence is by implementing Brand Registry. A key part of growing a successful business is protecting your intellectual property. Brand Registry enables you to own your brand and its intellectual property, plus you can increase your discoverability, control your listings, and improve your customers’ experience. Further, protect your brand with Transparency on Amazon which protects each of your products through unique codes and provides insights into its effectiveness. Connecting to your customer and providing content that is not only engaging but informative can help convert that shopper. A+ content and Premium A+ content can help wellness brands do this and stand out from their competition. Tell your story visually, increase traffic, and grow your customer base. Premium A+ content allows brands to showcase their brand through videos, carousels, a Q&A section, and more. 
  • Engage shoppers with a single place to tell your brand story by creating your brand Store – Virtual stores can be a great way to share your brand story, introduce shoppers to your company’s mission, and showcase your products. Brand Stores allow brands to build an experience, grow their customer base, and gain loyalty. Highlight best-selling products, show lifestyle videos, and create an experience that highlights your brand and your product’s unique value proposition.
  • Drive loyalty and customer growth with Subscribe and Save – Wellness brands who want to grow and retain their customers can drive repeat buyers through Subscribe & Save. This option provides convenience to the customer with regular deliveries in addition to providing a discount. As a brand, you gain loyalty, brand growth, and the opportunity to introduce this customer to new products as they become engaged with your brand. 
  • Deliver a good customer experience with Fulfillment by Amazon – Let’s face it, regardless of how amazing your product is, it won’t matter if the customer doesn’t receive it, receives it late, or doesn’t know when they will get it. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) has its benefits for wellness brands that want to scale their shipping, returns, and customer service. Brands manage selling their products and the remainder is handled by Amazon. Plus, brands who use FBA can earn a Prime badge – which puts you in a position to become the featured offer.
  • Use Attribution and understand how your channels are driving your business – As a customer yourself, you likely use multiple channels to research a product before buying. Your customer does the same. Be sure to research and explore multiple channels before making that buying decision. Amazon Attribution allows you to understand what channels are driving your business. Plus, you get a bonus if you drive a sale to Amazon from off-Amazon advertising. Measure the impact of your direct and response marketing tactics along with social media and video media channels and more. You’ll have a great view of how your marketing tactics are contributing to Amazon shopping.

Amazon offers a variety of technology solutions for wellness brands to succeed on the platform. By understanding your customer and your brand goals you can select the best technology strategies for your business. From optimizing your brand store, collecting ratings and reviews, using advertising tools, and registering your brand you can increase your brand’s awareness and visibility, improve your customer experience and grow your business.

Georgette Moe

Georgette Moe is the Senior Director of Client Strategy at Emplicit. She is a strategic digital marketing leader with broad experience developing omnichannel marketing strategies. Her experience in guiding retail organizations as they scale is well-suited to Emplicit’s mission of expanding its client portfolio and service offerings.

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