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Ambition - Enterprise Sales Gamification Platform

Sales performance is essential to any growing business. With an engaged sales team, they feel more motivated and connected to the organization’s goals and objectives. The negative impact of disengaged employees on an organization can be substantial — such as lackluster productivity, and wasted talent and resources.

When it comes to the sales team specifically, a lack of engagement can cost businesses direct revenue. Businesses must find ways to actively engage sales teams, or risk building an underperforming team with low productivity and a high turnover rate.

Ambition Sales Management Platform

Ambition is a sales management platform that syncs every sales department, data source, and performance metric together into one easy system. Ambition provides clarity and shows real-time performance analytics for entire sales organizations.

Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, even non-technical sales leaders can create custom scorecards, contests, reports, and more. Here are a few other ways sales leaders utilize Ambition in their tech stack.

Take Peloton and turn it into software for sales teams and you have Ambition –– motivational coaching combined with a gamified leaderboard. With Peloton, riders can see where they stand throughout the ride while increasing their output. Through Ambition’s gamification software, sales leaders can create a similar experience with fantasy contests, sales TVs, leaderboards and SPIFFs to help drive meaningful change within the organization. 

Sales Gamification

Gamification has been around for decades, in one form or another. Sales teams have found value in creating incentives and encouraging competition to create higher engagement and motivation levels amongst reps. After all, who doesn’t like a little bit of competition?

Ambition Sales Gamification

Prompted by the rapid shift to remote work, gamification has transformed from a “nice-to-have” to a “need-to-have”. Accountability amongst teams has become even more important as sales teams are no longer on the sales floor. Gamification can also provide sales leaders insight into how their reps perform while working from home and allow them to encourage healthy competition.

Sales Coaching Software

Sales coaching is the most impactful lever leads have to maximize a sales rep’s performance and, in turn, have a positive effect on the sales team as a whole. No matter the industry, turnover is a notorious problem in sales, and professional development opportunities can play a factor in an employee’s motivation to stay. 

Ambition Sales Coaching Software

With teams no longer on the floor, sales leaders don’t have the ability to stop by a rep’s desk and ask how they are doing, see where they need help or answer lingering questions. However, with Ambition, sales coaching makes it easier for sales managers as they continue to adjust to their remote atmosphere. For companies large and small, sales leaders can set up recurring meetings, record conversations, and store action plans all in one place. The flexibility and robust program allows leaders to design their own programs and automate recurring meetings so, when life gets in the way, the meetings are already set. 

Sales Insight and Performance Management

The sales team is the engine that powers every business. A company’s sales performance management process should focus on keeping this engine well-serviced, training reps on the skills they need to achieve organizational goals and monitoring their progress as they move forward. 

Ambition Sales Dashboards

With CRM data powering productivity scoring and competitions, sales leaders can be sure that their reps are logging all of their activities, objectives, and notes on current and potential customers. Sales leaders also have visibility into reps’ completed calls or emails, and scheduled or completed meetings, and view reps on a productivity quadrant to see who is converting activities into objectives and results.

For sales managers looking to gain insight into their sales reps’ day-to-day performance, Ambition’s platform provides every sales rep with a scorecard that includes daily targets. Sales leaders can see whether a rep left for the day without 100% activity completion and allows them to schedule a quick coaching session to help the reps get back on track. While there is no right way to monitor how sales reps are performing, utilizing a sales performance management system, like Ambition, can ensure access to reliable data and allow sales reps and sales leaders insight to correct their course. 

Over 3,000 sales managers leverage Ambition to help drive more calls, book more meetings, and celebrate more closed deals for their remote or in-office sales teams. As many sales leaders are looking to condense the number of platforms they are using, Ambition does it all. From sales coaching to leaderboards, Ambition helps sales leaders make more intelligent and strategic decisions allowing the team to deliver better-managed performances needed to deliver results. 

Ambition integrates with Salesforce, Slack, Dialsource, Cisco, ringDNA, Velocity, Gong, SalesLoft, Chorus, and Outreach… Microsoft Teams is coming soon. To learn more about Ambition and how you manage your sales reps:

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