Appointiv: Streamline and Automate Appointment Scheduling Using Salesforce

Appointiv Salesforce Appointment Scheduling

One of our clients is in the healthcare industry and asked us to audit their use of Salesforce as well as provide some training and administration so they can maximize their return on investment. One advantage of utilizing a platform like Salesforce is its incredible support for third-party integrations and productized integrations through its app marketplace, AppExchange.

One of the significant behavioral changes that has occurred in the buyer’s journey online is the ability to self-service. As a buyer, I want to research problems online, identify solutions, evaluate vendors, and… ultimately… get as far to the finish line as I can before every having to contact a sales person.

Automated Appointment Scheduling

We’ve all been through scheduling hell… working back and forth between all the key decision-makers in email to try to find a convenient time to connect and have a meeting. I despise this process… and we invested in an automated appointment scheduling for our prospects and clients to meet with us.

Automated, self-service appointment scheduling is a fantastic way to increase appointment schedulign rates for your sales team. These platforms compare calendars and finds common time between the parties, even entire teams. But what if your organization is using Salesforce and needs that activity recorded in Sales Cloud?

Appointiv makes complex appointment scheduling a breeze with a tailored, flexible solution that is 100% powered by Salesforce. Automate manual processes and watch your work start to flow!  Appointiv is a native Salesforce app which means you simply download from the AppExchange and get started – no integration required!

With Appointiv, you can allow your clients to book and manage their own appointments because your entire team’s availability is updated in Salesforce in real-time no matter which calendar they use. Appointiv provides a hassle-free scheduling solution that even accommodates multiple team members with differing schedules and calendars.

Setup is easy, incorporating a web form and customizing your branding through the Appointiv app:

Salesforce Appointment Scheduling

Pricing for Appointiv is on a per-user basis… and you can even incorporate external meeting hosts that don’t have a Salesforce license for a reduced fee. The transparent pricing also means:

  • No extra licenses are needed for your Salesforce Experience (Community) users.
  • No extra Salesforce license for API access is required for Salesforce Professional Edition orgs.
  • No extra Salesforce licenses are required to set up your non-Salesforce hosts.

Appointiv never stores customer data outside your Salesforce instance… so there are no concerns about regulatory issues and third-party sites that may be digesting or passing data back and forth.

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Disclosure: I am a partner in Highbridge but have no affiliation with Appointiv.