Are Entrepreneurs Born?


Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, discusses entrepreneurship. I enjoyed his candid responses – he truly enjoys finding and solving problems, but learned the rest of the necessary traits of an entrepreneur through the growth of his businesses.

I have a bit of a different take on entrepreneurship. I honestly think that everyone is born with entrepreneurial talent, but many of our parents, teachers, bosses, friends and even our government tend to crush entrepreneurship. Fear is the only enemy to entrepreneurship… and fear is something that we’re educated and exposed to throughout our lives.

Fear is why publishers put out formulaic books (and folks like Seth Godin are rebelling). Fear is why every other movie released is a remake of an earlier film that did well. Fear is why low-cost, terrible reality shows have permeated our television airways. Fear is why many people work in crappy jobs they’re unhappy with… they believe that success is the exception and failure is the norm. It’s not. Ask people that own their own business and you’ll find most of them wish they had done it sooner and many of them would never turn back.

Fear is debilitating – even to entrepreneurs. I know quite a few friends that have incredible imaginations, but fear prevents them from realizing their success. What’s stopping you?

What do you think?

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