Aaron Burcell

Aaron Burcell, CEO of methinks Technologies, has more than twenty years' experience in growing video start-ups, and was both methinks' first advisor and first customer. He previously held senior marketing, operations and growth leadership positions at Grockit (acquired by Kaplan), music video leader Vevo and Marcus by Goldman Sachs. Recently, Burcell served as the COO and CMO of Loop Media, which earlier this year merged with FogChain, a publicly-traded software company based in the Silicon Valley.
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    RaaS: Capturing Customer Insights in the Digital Age

    Getting relevant customer feedback—and getting it quickly—is more essential than ever to business success. Sure, do-it-yourself recruiting is hard, research interviewees are never as promised, and the timelines for getting customer insights feel too long to make a difference for the business. But, there is a better way to get the much-needed customer insights that validate your product and business direction.   A…

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