Emailium: Email Template Inspiration

Today marks the public beta of a new tool for email marketers and creative teams, Emailium, a database of email marketing campaigns. This online application catalogs public emails, and organizes them by Industries, Companies, or user-defined tags. How might this service be of use to you? Let’s look at a few scenarios: Creative Teams – When pressed for a new approach, or confounded with the dreaded creative block, creative teams can look for inspiration in

Gowalla Checks-in at Mouse House

Yesterday Gowalla announced a partnership with one of the biggest brands on the planet – Walt Disney, Inc.. There are plenty of skeptics that don’t believe in social media – let alone geo-social apps like Gowalla, (Foursquare and Facebook Places.) So, why does this partnership make sense?

Sometimes Marketing Coal Produces Diamonds

Marketers spend much of the Holidays being villainized and accused of commercializing the season. After watching my nieces monitor NORAD for Santa’s progress across the globe, I thought it might be worth reflecting on marketing’s positive contributions to the Holiday season. Although Santa Claus’s red and white garb had been commonplace for a few years, Haddon Sundblom solidified this version by creating a series of illustrations for Coca-Cola in the 1930s. Originally intended to help