Chris Bross

Chris is a partner of EverEffect, specializing in Pay Per Click Account Management, SEO Consulting, and Web Analytics. Chris has over 16 years of Internet experience with Fortune 500 companies and expertise in directing and implementing online experiences to promote business, products and services.
  • Advertising TechnologyGoogle Advertising Policies and Google Adwords

    Google Ads Policy: Be Sure To Follow Those Rules!

    Have your text ads been disapproved for editorial or trademark violations? If you did everything correctly, why are you getting yelled at by Google? AdWords never immediately informs you, too many text ads to review at one time. They have algorithms that will detect your text ad if you have violated their policy. The detection is always after the fact…

  • Search Marketing10 Steps to Succeed with Paid Search

    Paid Search: 10 Steps to Winning Pay Per Click Conversions

    A client publishes a paid advertisement promoting a quick quote in the ad… the call is routed to a call center where the quote isn’t provided. Oops. Another client rotates keywords frequently since they’re not getting conversions. Oops… the purchase form submits to a page not found. Yet another client incorporates CAPTCHA on a lead generation form… that never actually…

  • Advertising Technology
    pay per click analytics

    How to Increase PPC Advertising ROAS In 5 Minutes with Google Analytics

    Have you been using Google Analytics data to boost your AdWords campaign results? If not, you are missing out on one of the most helpful tools available on the internet! In fact, there are dozens of reports available for data mining, and you can use these reports to optimize your PPC Campaigns across the board. Utilizing Google Analytics to improve…

  • Marketing Infographicsgoogle adrank

    How does Google Adwords Adrank Work?

    We’ve seen too many clients coming to us after losing tons of money running their pay per click (PPC) campaigns on their own. It’s not that they didn’t pay attention or manage the accounts appropriately, it’s simply that they didn’t know how to impact their results and actually improve them. Most people believe pay per click is simply a bidding…

  • Content Marketingtommy

    Conversions, Content and Rock Operas

    What does the Who’s Rock Opera Tommy have to do with website Conversion?  Only everything! The legendary rock group The Who transformed Rock & Roll with their Landmark Rock Opera Tommy (1969).  Want to transform your website Conversion Rates (2011)? “How do you think he does it? “I don’t know.” “What makes him so good?” What makes him so good?…

  • Advertising Technologyppc vs seo

    PPC versus SEO: Spy vs. Spy

    Does anyone remember the old Spy vs. Spy comics?  Funny stuff! Each Spy always scheming to outdo the other. There is a similar business mindset today when companies are considering a search engine marketing strategy. Business’s immediately pick sides: Pay Per Click (PPC) versus Organic Search (SEO). The goal of a search marketing strategy is to generate leads or sales.…

  • Search MarketingSearch Engine Marketing Villain

    Who’s Your Search Engine Marketing Villain?

    It doesn’t matter how much initial education you put into a new engagement, a Search Engine Marketing Villain will pop up when you least expect it. I have identified a short list of the Villains that we seem to come across when engaging new prospects. Can you relate to any of these? Lack of Goals Don’t Tell How Much You Want…

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