Paid Search: 10 Steps to Winning Pay Per Click Conversions

A client publishes a paid advertisement promoting a quick quote in the ad… the call is routed to a call center where the quote isn’t provided. Oops. Another client rotates keywords frequently since they’re not getting conversions. Oops… the purchase form submits to a page not found. Yet another client incorporates CAPTCHA on a lead generation form… that never actually works. Oops. These are all examples that cost the companies thousands of dollars in paid

How to Increase PPC Advertising ROAS In 5 Minutes with Google Analytics

Have you been using Google Analytics data to boost your AdWords campaign results? If not, you are missing out on one of the most helpful tools available on the internet! In fact, there are dozens of reports available for data mining, and you can use these reports to optimize your PPC Campaigns across the board. Utilizing Google Analytics to improve your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is all assuming, of course, you have your AdWords,

Split Testing Ad Design Ideas

Sometimes we’re in such a rush to get an advertisement together, we default to best practices and don’t think about different options to capture attention. This is an infographic from AdChop with some very unique ideas on developing different designs of advertisements for testing. To see the results that other advertisers have achieved using some of the techniques from this infographic, check out AdChop’s case studies – you’ll see ads that were actually run and

How Google Adwords Works

We posted a great infographic on how Google Adwords Adrank works. WordStream has now developed this infographic to show you how Google Adwords works, providing insight into the activity that a search user does that leads to the ad being placed. Google Adwords accounts for 97% of Google’s $32.2 billion in advertising revenue! Provided by WordStream – a certified AdWords partner.

How does Google Adwords Adrank Work?

We’ve seen too many clients coming to us after losing tons of money running their pay per click (PPC) campaigns on their own. It’s not that they didn’t pay attention or manage the accounts appropriately, it’s simply that they didn’t know how to impact their results and actually improve them. Most people believe pay per click is simply a bidding war and don’t even realize that, by improving the quality of their ads, they can

Invest in Your Brand with a PPC Brand Campaign

So you’re operating a business in a saturated market. Most likely, this means that you’re up against some pretty steep average CPCs for keywords. Or maybe you’re a local small business owner, who’d love to break into online advertising but just don’t feel as though you have enough marketing budget to compete. As the popularity of internet and PPC marketing has grown, so has competition, which in turn drives up cost. Before you decide that

Google Ads Policy – Follow Those Rules!

Have your text ads been disapproved for editorial or trademark violations? If you did everything correctly, why are you getting yelled at by Google? AdWords never immediately informs you, too many text ads to review at one time. They have their algorithms that will detect your text ad if you have violated their policy. The detection is always after the fact and with not much information on why. Very frustrating! Of course you receive a

PPC Automation: Keywords Gone Wild

Two months ago, we heard about a company that was bidding on over one million Keywords.  The company’s marketing people thought that this was really cool.  Really? If one has a big enough PPC Budget, what could possibly be wrong with bidding on so many Keywords?  An emphasis on Broad, “Fat Head” matches, no Negative Keywords deployment, and indiscriminate use of automation/Dynamic Keyword Insertion leads to the display of ineffective/unfortunate advertising. A year ago, while