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Erik is the VP of Operations & Creative Services for Professional Blog Service. He has been blogging for more than nine years (even before it was called blogging), and has been a published writer for more than 20 years. He is a newspaper humor columnist, and has written several business articles, stage plays, radio theatre plays, and is currently working on a novel. He helped write Twitter Marketing for Dummies, and frequently speaks on blogging and social media.
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    Arguing Against History and for Entre-Commuting

    I was having an interesting conversation with my friend, Chad Myers of 3 Hats Marketing, discussing how both our agricultural economy and the Industrial Revolution have led to our modern day work habits. Just like our computer’s QWERTY keyboards (they were designed to be inefficient so typewriter keys wouldn’t stick, yet we use them today on devices that will never,…

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    The Importance of Good Grammar and Punctuation in Blogging

    People who know me know that I can be a bit of a grammar and punctuation geek. While I won’t go so far as to publicly correct people (I just berate them privately), I have been known to edit signs that contain misspelled words, misplaced apostrophes, and generally egregious errors. So, needless to say, I always try to make sure…

  • Sales Enablement

    The Most Important Skill Salespeople Need to Learn

    My wife finally had a chance to replace her 8-year-old laptop, which was starting to function more like a Brother word processor from the late 80s, only not as fast. It was a Dell with 512 MB RAM, and a 80 MB RAM hard drive. It was slow, unstable, and the crank-up handle had snapped off the front. She ended…


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