Fayez Mohamood

Fayez Mohamood is cofounder and CEO of Bluecore, enabling eCommerce marketers to create and distribute personalized triggered emails with the speed and precision not previously possible, dynamically reacting to customer behaviors and cataloging changes in seconds. With more than 70 partners representing more than 100 consumer brands. Bluecore is one of New York City’s fastest growing startups, recently closing a Series A round led by FirstMark Capital.
  • Ecommerce and Retail
    triggered email

    Go Big with a Triggered Email Strategy to Drive Sky-High ROI

    Triggered emails are a great way to engage customers and drive sales, but misconceptions about what constitutes a trigger and how to implement them keep some marketers from taking full advantage of the tactic. What is a Triggered Email? At its most basic level, a trigger is an automated response, like an auto-generated birthday greeting from Google. This leads some…

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