After the Deal: How to Treat Customers with a Customer Success Approach

You’re a salesperson, you do sales. You are sales.  And that’s just it, you think your job’s done and you move on to the next one. Some salespeople don’t know when to stop selling and when to start managing the sales they’ve already made. The truth is, post-sale customer relationships are just as important as presale relationships. There are several practices your business can master to better its post-sale customer relationships.  Together, these practices are

Beyond Demographics: Types of Advanced Audience Segmentation That Drive Measurable Engagement

Thank whichever guru you believe in for Marketing Automation, and the slack it affords marketers. Most commonly, we use Marketing Automation for engaging and nurturing leads. This can be achieved with drip campaigns, and behavioural-trigger notification for them to take action. Mail Merge is another heaven-sent feature. The opportunity to include every, single recipient’s name in the subject and the first line of your email is a no-fail conversion-clincher… Or is it? The truth isn’t