Agile Marketing is Evolution, Not Revolution, and Why You Must Adopt It

From building buildings to building software. In the 1950’s the Waterfall Development Model was introduced into software design and development. The system is a relic of the manufacturing industry where, by necessity, the right answer had to be devised before work started. And, in that world, the right answer makes sense! Could you imagine a scenario where you decided to build a skyscraper differently half way through the build? That said, the byproduct of the

Designing the Optimal Marketing Organization.

In a conversation with my friend and colleague Joe Chernov, VP Marketing at Kinvey we were exchanging some of the most asked questions we both received within our teams and from peers in the industry. With Joe being the content marketer of the year you wouldn’t be surprised to know that one of his most asked questions is: How do I start a successful content marketing program? The second question he’s asked most often is: