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Content Marketers: Stop Selling + Start Listening

It’s no easy task to come up with content that people actually want to read, especially since content is one area where quality always prevails over quantity. With consumers being inundated with massive amounts of content daily how can you make yours stand out above the rest? Taking the time to listen to your customers will help you create content that resonates with them. While 26% of marketers are using customer feedback to dictate content strategy, only 6% have optimized this method. Content should be grounded in research-based customer insights, such as surveys and interviews.


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Here’s How to Optimize Your Blog for Content Marketing

No matter what kind of content you’re creating, your blog should be the central hub for all things content marketing. But how do you make sure that central nervous system is set up for success? Luckily, there are some simple tweaks that will amplify distribution and ensure that your followers know exactly what they’re supposed to do next. It’s safe to say today that people like pictures. In fact, an article with images is over 2x more likely to be shared than an article without. The more visually pleasing your blog post is, the more likely


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How to Score the Winning Goal in the E-Commerce Game

While in the World Cup there can only one winner, many companies can experience success in the game of e-Commerce. There are proven tactics that have helped retailers score. Baynote shows you how to field the best players and a create a dynamic game plan so that your e-Commerce business can bring home a win. Before the season starts, teams must first invest in the top players. When it comes to e-Commerce 5 out of the 10 most significant retailer investments are in marketing. 56% of merchants invest in search engine marketing and customer acquisition,



How the Connected Enterprise Will Create a $47B Identity Security Market

In the last year, the average data breach cost companies a total of $3.5M, which is 15% more than the previous year. As a result, CIOs are searching for ways to keep their corporate data protected while minimizing productivity loss for employees. Ping Identity presents the facts about the identity security market and offers solutions for how companies can enable secure access in the infographic below. Data breaches have a hugely negatively effect on customer sentiment toward brands; one security slip can destroy a company’s reputation. Cloud security, like Next Gen Identity, allows companies to


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You Spend 83 Days a Year Emailing

The average salesperson logs over 2,000 hours per year on business communication, mostly on role-specific tasks (39%) and reading/answering emails (28%). While it would seem that social media is becoming the most popular mode of communication, as 72% of companies are now using social media in some form, email is still the top preference among businesses around the world. According to the McKinsey Global Institute Report, 87 billion emails are drafted each day. Of Americans aged 12 and up, 94% use their email regularly, 58% of which are checking their inboxes first thing in the