Larry Alton

Larry is an independent business consultant specializing in social media trends, business, and entrepreneurship. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Search Marketingonline business by MDGovpics

    Online Businesses Need to Shift Marketing to Stay Ahead

    There’s no question that the Internet has changed dramatically over the years, and that’s true for how companies market their online business as well. Any business owner needs only to look at the number of changes Google has made to its search algorithm to gain a basic understanding of how Internet marketing techniques have changed over time. Firms that do…

  • Content Marketingmedium

    Why Is Critical for Your Marketing Strategy

    The best tools for online marketing are constantly changing. In order to keep up with the times, you need to keep your ear to the ground, to pick up the newest and most effective tools for audience building and traffic conversion. SEO blogging strategies emphasize the importance of “white hat” content and sharing, so you can leverage business blogs, authority…

  • Content MarketingMatt Cutts by planetc1

    Evidence Points to a Correlation Between SERP Ranking and Web Host

    In late August, Matt Cutts explained that Google looks at site speed as a factor in where a website shows up on the search results page. In his Webmaster Help video, he stated: “If your site is really, really slow, we’ve said that we do use page speed in our rankings. And so all of the things being equal, yes,…

  • Content Marketingpassive income

    Websites Still a Viable Source of Passive Income

    If you were to believe everything you read, starting up a website to earn passive income would be a lost cause these days. Those who have certified the death certificate blame the overwhelming competition and Google updates as reasons why traditional passive income, through affiliate marketing, is no longer a viable source of making money. However, not everyone seems to…

  • Content Marketingguest blogging

    Guest Blogging – You’re Doing it Wrong

    At one time, backlinks ruled the world of search engine optimization. When a site’s quality was measured in terms of PageRank, backlinks provided the much sought after votes that drove this metric. But as Google’s algorithm matured, a website’s rankings could no longer rest solely on the number of links pointing back to it. The quality of the site hosting…

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