Rethinking the Who, What, Where and When: How Marketers Can Lead Brands to Success in the Wake of Inflation

Over the past few months, inflation has reached all-time highs. COVID and stimulus savings, which initially relieved the burn during the onset of the inflation, have depleted, forcing consumers to rapidly shift their spending habits amid rising costs. As gas prices soar, and discount chains like Dollar Tree have been forced to increase prices over 25%, and consumers are increasingly becoming more value-driven. For marketers faced with increased pressures from leadership to drive a return

Your Brand Playbook For Delivering a Successful 2020 Holiday Season

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on life as we know it. The norms of our day-to-day activities and choices, including what we buy and how we go about doing so, have shifted with no sign of reverting back to old ways anytime soon. Knowing the holidays are around the corner, being able to understand and anticipate consumer behavior during this unusually busy time of year will be key to curating successful, exceptional

The Anatomy Of Breaking Through In 2020, And The Brands That Did It

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the world of marketing. Amidst social distancing restrictions, the seasonal norms of consumer behavior were reconstructed in an instant. As a result, over two-thirds of brands reported reductions in revenue. Yet, even during the disruptions to the norm, the average American was still exposed to as many as 10,000 advertisements per day, while many brands evolved their offering around the new normal and looked to maintain Share of Voice equal to